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Visit our store Nostalgia Designer Recycle in Havelock North. Out of town sellers, contact us if you wish to send your items for us to sell.

Drop off

Drop off your laundered, pressed goods in store for assessment. No alterations, stains, or damage. We accept a minimum of 5 items.


We sell on your behalf for a hassle free process! When your clothes sell we pay you, 50% of sale price, less GST. If clothes don't sell after 3 months, we donate them to charity!  


Come and browse

Sell with Nostalgia

Drop off your laundered, pressed goods in store for assessment. Items must be in perfect condition, without alterations, stains, or damage. We prefer a minimum of 5 items.

We assess and price the goods accepted at our discretion, giving consideration to the quality, age, seasonality, label and general suitability to our store.

As our regular sellers know, we are very fussy! Please don't be offended if we can't accept your goods. If you have specific prices in mind, feel free to discuss with us, at drop off. 

We record your items in our system, giving you a unique seller’s number and itemise each accepted piece. Goods will be held in store for 3 months. The price maybe reduced at our discretion during this period.

Payment of 50% of sale price less GST will be made to our sellers after sale. We may wait for several items to sell. We direct credit payment to your supplied bank account, (and confirm by text message when possible). You may choose to redeemed funds in store to buy more gorgeous goodies.

After 3 months, unsold goods will be sent to charity, unless specifically agreed otherwise, at the time of drop off. 

Our terms

1. All goods accepted at owner’s risk and at Nostalgia’s discretion.

2. Goods will be priced at Nostalgia’s discretion.

3. Unsold goods not collected within 3 months will be donated to charity. Any arrangement otherwise must be discussed at drop off.

4. Nostalgia pays the seller 50% less GST of sale price after sale.

Charities we support

We’re part of the circular economy. We pass on unsold goods to our favourite local charities. Sharing the love with: Cranford Hospice, St Vincent de Paul, and the Salvation Army in Hastings.

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